Monday, December 28, 2009

Nursery Diaries: Part I

Here are a couple of pictures of Susannah Grace's nursery! It is coming along quite nicely! I was so excited when I got the bedding. I picked out all the fabrics and had Tonya Jones, a friend from church, use her amazing talent to sew it altogether! Overall, the nursery still is a work in progress, meaning we've got a couple more things to do before she gets here (i.e. glider chair is being reupholstered, chandelier should come in soon, still looking for a small armoire/bookshelf, closet organizer needs to be put in, drapes need to be made, etc.). Tick tock, tick tock....The clock is counting down and I am definitely ready to get everything finished!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Nursery Pictures...

I LOVE this dresser. It has that pretty antique look to it.
It has been passed down through Trey's family.
This is the first thing you see when you walk into the nursery.
It's very symbolic of what we want Susannah Grace to keep first in her life.
We were graciously given this glider and ottoman by dear friends.
We're having it recovered in a chocolate brown fabric.
This window pane will be used as decor in the room.
I plan on using it to display photos of our family and S.G.
The book madness has already begun.
What can I say I'm a teacher.
I got several books from the Kidsmart consignment sale.
I plan on getting many more :).

The Bump :)

9 weeks
15 weeks
I'm 18 weeks and Melisa is 15 weeks. :)
23 weeks
26 weeks

I haven't gotten around to posting any baby bump photos yet. So, here are just a few to document my journey through motherhood. I've had a wonderful pregnancy so far. Susannah Grace and I are both just growing and growing, as you can tell! :)

More Bump Pics...

31 weeks

"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!"

Our home :)

The front side of our fireplace :).
This poinsettia was given to us after Trey's Pop passed away during Thanksgiving.

I can't believe we're only one day away from Christmas Eve! It feels like this time of year has just flown by. The day after Thanksgiving, Trey and I decorated our house for the Christmas season. I thought I would share what Christmas looks like at the Gunter household with you. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

More Christmas Stuff :)

I love this little nativity scene. One of my students gave it to me last year. :)
Our tree is decorated with silver, gold, and white ornaments. I LOVE it!
Susie, Trey's mom, gave the ornament below to me this year. I think it's so cute!

More Christmas Stuff... :)

This is the other side of our fireplace.

This china has been passed down through Trey's family.