Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitude Monday: 119-146

***Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. It's been a busy one! I make up for it next week!

8-22-11 MM
119. some mommy time in order to look for more furniture for SG's room
120. remembering that it will be OK if I don't find what I'm looking for right now for SG's room- there are so many other things that are more important
121. finding a sweet heirloom dress at an antique store for $12 :)
122. Only having to buy a few things from the store for this week

123. my niece's surgery going well- now we have just got to pray that the mole on her arm is not cancerous
124. learning to get over my control issues when my child will NOT take a nap every once in a while
125. being productive taking pictures of old gowns and posting them on ebay to sell

126. Getting to play with Livi and Anna Kayt today
127. SG's 3 hour nap
128. The wreck I saw on the interstate and the thankfulness it made me feel that God has kept my family and
myself safe
129. getting to eat dinner with mom at Habeneros- one of my favorite places while I'm pregnant :)
130. my grandmother's surgery going well- second hip surgery in the past couple of months
131. the "moment" I watched SG have with her baby doll- holding it in front of her little face, talking to it, hugging, patting, and loving on it- it was so sweet
132. SG saying "Uv you" when I put her down for bed- melts my heart
133. Trey coming home early from out of town business- even though he didn't feel very well

134. Sg's 18 months of life- I can't believe how quickly it has flown by
135. Getting to spend time with Jennifer and having time to cut out two patterns for some cute shorts
136. An excellent doctor's report- Caroline and I are growing :)
137. The amazing rate at which SG is learning new things each day- It's incredible to watch and see how she is starting to really connect things
139. Finding an excellent antique shop in Pelham that had an assortment of dressers that I was looking for at just
the right price

140. Trey picking up my dresser and a chair for SG's room from the antique shop
141. Mom watching SG while we had a date night at my 10 year reunion
142. Good conversation and fellowship with long time friends

143. online tutorials on how to shabby chic dressers :)
144. having time to sand and prime the new/old dresser we got
145. getting to help celebrate a sweet little boy's 2nd birthday
146. SG's outgoing and funny personality- she was WIDE OPEN at the birthday party

Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitude Monday: 91-118

91. a relaxing and MUCH NEEDED pedicure
92. Meme keeping SG while I got some errands and sewing done
93. getting one full set of curtains done
94. Trey hanging up my curtains :)

Progress on curtains for SG's big girl room...
Also, were thinking of going with the neutral paint color on the left for her room :)

95. a productive day of sewing with Jennifer
96. Good conversation with Jennifer
97. the sound of Shelby and SG laughing as they played together
98. SG's sweet demeanor while Daddy was away tonight
99. quality time with my little girl

Here are a couple of elements of SG's unfinished room:
Convertible Crib- This crib converts to a toddler and full sized bed
These are the linens I'm using to make her big girl blanket and pillow out of :)

The dresser I found at an antique shop for just the right price $ :)
100. a fun time at the pool with Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt
101. saving $$ at the store with my coupons (Publix- spent $11.60/ saved $13.96, Winn Dixie spent $44/ saved $28)
102. Trey's safe travel back from Nashville

103. a productive morning gathering items needed for Rachel's lingerie shower
104. Susannah Grace's kisses and the sound she makes when she gives them
105. SG's long nap :)
106. finally finding the right paint color for SG's room

Pics of Rachel's lingerie shower:
107.11 years of dating my husband- I'm so thankful for him
108. a productive afternoon putting together flower arrangements and crafts needed for Rachel's lingerie shower
109. SG's good mood despite the fact that she would not take a nap
110. a $1.00 balloon and the entertainment it brought to SG for hours

111. Trey's willingness to complete his list of things I needed him to help me with around the house to get ready for 112. everything coming together for Ray Ray's shower
113. Meme keeping SG for the night
114. a fun night of fellowship with Rachel, her friends, and family

115. A fun time with fellow Sunday School members at our picnic/swim party
116. Nana's much needed help pinning my curtains
117. Completion of both sets of panels of curtains
118. A nice conversation with Trey and the peace and understanding it brought about our future

Monday, August 15, 2011

Multitude Monday: 61-90

I am thankful for...

61. a day at home to recuperate from our trip to Atlanta this past weekend- SG and I built a "fort" and had a good time playing together
62. the shutter coming in for our house that was blown off during the tornado
63. home improvement websites
64. the spackling job I did on SG's wall when I removed her wall decal since I had never done that before
65. Hubby working from home today and taking breaks here and there to spend time with SG and me
66. 31 Days of Prayer Calendar I found a couple of months ago to help me pray more specifically for my
SG loved playing in the "fort" we made!

67. Meme watching SG today
68. a productive day sewing!
69. Meme's company- she spent the night with us because her power went out
70. time to catch up on watching our favorite shows
71. a day at home to hang out
72. SG's 3 1/2 hour nap!
73. Sewing time while SG was asleep
Auburn and Alabama outfits I made for SG, Caroline, and Sydney :)
The back to school outfit I made for SG and Sydney

74. Getting to spend time Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt today
75. Good conversation
76. Two prissy little girls wanting to wear tutus and twirl
77. SG saying, "tutu" while holding a tutu in each hand and wanting to put BOTH of them on....I LOVE IT!
78. a visit from Gigi and Ray Ray
Olivia and SG in their tutus...
twirling round and round!

79. Meme watching SG while I went to my biweekly obgyn appt
80. a good report at the dr.
81. SG's sweet voice saying "bubbles" when she wants to go outside and blow bubbles
82. Good company and dinner with Sarah and Taylor
83. Taylor helping Trey move Trey's office out of SG's new room

Take a close look- SG wanted to wear 2 tutus,
not just one while eating a graham cracker and holding her purse!

84. Trey getting up to feed SG breakfast at 8:00 while I stayed in bed to rest!
85. a yummy biscuit from Jack's
86. quality time with Sherry and Rachel while Rachel's photographer took her bridal portraits!- They are going to be gorgeous!

SG and Ray Ray
87. my mom's BIG help figuring out a sewing project for SG's new room!
88. feeling productive getting one panel of curtains done for SG's room!
89. Susannah Grace's funny demeanor today- she was a CHATTER BOX
90. a good night's rest- I've been a little uncomfortable lately

Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitude Monday: 31-60

I am thankful for...

Monday- 8-1-11
31. yummy-delicious cherries on sale $1.99 lb. Caroline and her mommy are LOVING fruit right now.
32. meeting my weekly budget at the grocery store today :)
33. the sound of SG and her daddy playing- laughing hysterically
34. the good chat I had with Anna today about MM
35. finding out that there is a book/blog to go along with this journey -

36. having time to monogram some burp clothes for Caroline while SG napped
37. My sweet husband bathing SG every night- since I'm very pregnant
38. SG's little voice saying "ot" for "hot" after she heard her mommy say it a million times

39. finding adorable and affordable fabric to make SG, Sydney, and Caroline matching fall outfits with Krysten
40. having time to enjoy and catch up with my sister in law
41. my sweet mother in law's willingness and joy when it comes to wanting to keep SG for me
42. a productive afternoon embroidering a few shirts for the girls
43. a night off from cooking- yummy brisket, grits, and pie at Meme's
44. my husband's sacrificial attitude when I told him I was STARVING at 9:45 pm. He went and got me a yummy milkshake from Jack's. I think this baby growing in my womb is going through a major growth spurt. I can't seem to get full enough.

45. a day at home before getting ready to travel to Atlanta
46. Trey being home all week this week

47. a safe and peaceful trip to Atlanta with Trey
48. a delicious meal and good conversation with my Uncle Calvin and cousins, Evan and Christine
49. quality time spent with Uncle Calvin watching a good movie
50. Uncle Calvin's generous and giving spirit while hosting us at his home

51. a chance to talk with Trey about the houses and cities we saw today
52. another delicious meal at Bella's with Uncle C

53. a carmel frappuccino to get the morning started
54. a safe drive back to B'ham
55. a good conversation with Trey about preparing to move, relocating our family, and everything else that's on my pregnant nesting brain
56. my hubby fixing the drawer I accidentally broke
57. the joy I felt when I saw Susannah Grace after being away from her for a couple of days and nights
58. Nana's willingness to watch SG and keep her happy while we were away
59. a clean house
60. a night of getting to sleep in my bed after being away for two nights

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Caroline

I'm proud to announce that Trey and I are expecting a surprise blessing named Caroline Elizabeth Gunter in about 10 weeks! I know, I's terrible that I'm just now blogging about her. However, when you're trying to keep up with another little baby on the move it makes time for blogging limited.

Trey and I found out we were expecting baby #2 in January. While we were thrilled and oh so thankful, we were definitely surprised to find out the news. It's been a whirl wind ever since, getting things in line to prepare for this precious little angel. In between the time we found out this good news and now a lot has happened. At the very end of May, Trey received a promotion with the company he has been working for for the past two years, Millar Electronics, which will enable him to be the new sales manager for the company. This promotion has been such a blessing for our family because it will allow me to stay at home with our sweet babies. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the Lord granting this request. It has been pressing firmly on my heart for a year now. Therefore, as soon as I found out, I went straight to my principal to tell her the news. It was definitely a bittersweet revelation because I truly LOVED my job at Edgewood Elementary. I've been working there for the past four years as a 3rd grade teacher. My administration, co-workers, and students have been an absolute joy to work for and with. I will miss them dearly. However, I am so thrilled about seeing my little ones on a daily basis so that I can "Train them up in the way of the Lord" Psalm 22:6.

In addition to the wonderful blessing of being a stay at home mom, we also found out one other little detail...We'll be moving to Atlanta, GA this upcoming year. Trey's promotion requires that we relocate to this destination. Of course, we are going to wait until Miss Caroline makes her grand arrival! We are thankful the move is not an immediate one. However, after Caroline is a few months old we will be starting the process of selling our house and searching for a new home in Atlanta. Of course, this is all bittersweet as well. Both sides of our family live in Birmingham, AL so I'm sure we are going to be very homesick for a while. Nevertheless, Trey and I are very excited to begin this new chapter of our lives as a family of four. I'll work extra hard to keep you updated! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we transition into this new journey.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

17 Months

Here's a few pictures of my little sweetie at 17 months!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitude Monday: The Beginning of Something Good

For the past several months, I have been encouraged and inspired by my friend Anna's blog. Her willingness to share 1,000 things she is thankful for on her blog each week has helped me realize it's important to remember even the smallest of details when it comes to being grateful. While I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a pessimist, I do tend to spend quite a bit of time dwelling and worrying about the negative aspects of my life. Therefore, I've decided to take on the same venture for the next several months in order to renew my mind, not only with God's word, but with all of the big and little things he does for me on a daily basis. I will share these blessings each week (Lord willing- I am having baby #2 in 10 weeks) until I reach 1,000! I hope this encourages and edifies you as much as I am thinking it will me.

I'm thankful for....

Monday- 7-25-11
1. Susannah Grace's 17 months of life...I can't believe how quickly it has passed by. What an enormous blessing her little sweet life is to our family.
2. Trey made it safely to Atlanta this week for business.
3. SG was a sweet girl for mommy- She's getting two teeth right now and has been precious despite them today.
4. SG saying "Toes" and grabbing her little piggies on the changing table.
5. SG saying "Up" and reaching for me when she wants to be held.
6. a friend's loss making me more aware how very blessed I am to have both of my parents healthy and living- I don't know what I would do without them.
7. SG finding a bottle in my BuyBuy Baby bag and using it to try and feed her "baby".
8. God's providence in allowing me to be able to stay at home with my babies this upcoming year.
9. Trey's willingness to allow me to stay home even though it may be a little more stressful for him.
10. finding a dresser for SG's big girl room- major stress reliever for a mommy in nesting mode.
11. finding fabric to make her bedding :).

Tuesday- 7-26-11
12. a smooth car ride to and from the Splash Pad without a DVD player.
13. watching SG's exited little face as she went from one section of the Splash Pad to the other.

14. a fun day at Spring Valley Beach with Meme, Aunt Kay Kay, and Sydney.
15. a peaceful and safe trip to and from Spring Valley Beach.
16. a sweet and thoughtful mother in law giving me a box of my favorite Keurig coffee right now, Island Coconut.

17. SG's sweet sing-song voice when she's holding one of her foam letters and she wants me to sing the "ABC" song to her.
18. the movement I feel when baby #2 squirms in my womb.
19. Trey's safe return home from a week away for business.

20. my husband exhibiting patience when I wanted him to pick up SG's crib and dresser in one afternoon.

21. Trey's willingness to spend a big chunk of the day moving furniture and setting up SG's convertible crib. Also, Nana's big help purchasing it!
22. much needed quality time catching up with the hubby on our favorite shows.
23. a lazy day at the house.

24. SG's sweet demeanor when I peeked into her Sunday school class to pick her up from church. I love watching her play with other children when she doesn't know I am looking.
25. SG's excitement to see mommy and daddy pick her up from her class after church.
26. quality time with my "sister," Rachel, and second mother, Sherry, at Rachel's bridal tea. She looked so beautiful. I can't believe she is getting married! I am so thankful she found a keeper :).
27. a fun night of playing cards, eating good food, and having good fellowship with my MIL, SIL, and friends.
28. my MIL's sweet spirit of giving me a new pair of my favorite earrings that I misplaced.
29. my mom's willingness to watch SG while her daddy went to work out.
30. SG's 3 1/2 hour nap!