Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitude Monday: 31-60

I am thankful for...

Monday- 8-1-11
31. yummy-delicious cherries on sale $1.99 lb. Caroline and her mommy are LOVING fruit right now.
32. meeting my weekly budget at the grocery store today :)
33. the sound of SG and her daddy playing- laughing hysterically
34. the good chat I had with Anna today about MM
35. finding out that there is a book/blog to go along with this journey -

36. having time to monogram some burp clothes for Caroline while SG napped
37. My sweet husband bathing SG every night- since I'm very pregnant
38. SG's little voice saying "ot" for "hot" after she heard her mommy say it a million times

39. finding adorable and affordable fabric to make SG, Sydney, and Caroline matching fall outfits with Krysten
40. having time to enjoy and catch up with my sister in law
41. my sweet mother in law's willingness and joy when it comes to wanting to keep SG for me
42. a productive afternoon embroidering a few shirts for the girls
43. a night off from cooking- yummy brisket, grits, and pie at Meme's
44. my husband's sacrificial attitude when I told him I was STARVING at 9:45 pm. He went and got me a yummy milkshake from Jack's. I think this baby growing in my womb is going through a major growth spurt. I can't seem to get full enough.

45. a day at home before getting ready to travel to Atlanta
46. Trey being home all week this week

47. a safe and peaceful trip to Atlanta with Trey
48. a delicious meal and good conversation with my Uncle Calvin and cousins, Evan and Christine
49. quality time spent with Uncle Calvin watching a good movie
50. Uncle Calvin's generous and giving spirit while hosting us at his home

51. a chance to talk with Trey about the houses and cities we saw today
52. another delicious meal at Bella's with Uncle C

53. a carmel frappuccino to get the morning started
54. a safe drive back to B'ham
55. a good conversation with Trey about preparing to move, relocating our family, and everything else that's on my pregnant nesting brain
56. my hubby fixing the drawer I accidentally broke
57. the joy I felt when I saw Susannah Grace after being away from her for a couple of days and nights
58. Nana's willingness to watch SG and keep her happy while we were away
59. a clean house
60. a night of getting to sleep in my bed after being away for two nights

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  1. YAY! Love reading these. Totally dropped the ball on emailing you places in Atlanta. Sorry friend. Sounds like yall had a good trip and some good conversations! Can't wait to hear the update! Love you!