Monday, May 21, 2012

Multitude Monday: 536-547

I am thankful for...

536. watching SG make connections- One day this week, while playing with two small fairy dolls, she positioned them facing each other and keep saying something that I just couldn't understand. Finally, I realized she was saying "friends." When I said, "Oh, are you saying they're friends?" She nodded her head and smiled a proud smile of accomplishment! It was soooooo sweet.
537. Trey's safety while traveling to Nashville for business.
538. Meme's and Poppy's help while daddy was out of town
539. getting to go to Grand Momma's house this week with the girls
540. Nana's help watching C so that we could take Sydney and SG to the park on Saturday
541. Rachel's CF walk going well- I wish I could have been there, though :(
542. Trey willingness to watch the girls while the women in the family (Me, Meme, Kay Kay, and Nana) went out for a "Girls' Night"- It was so refreshing!
543. Trey watching the girls while I went to help host a baby shower- he was super dad this weekend!
544.  spending time as a family with Meme before her surgery
545. Meme's surgery going well! Now we've just got to pray for recovery.
546. The Lord's hand and guidance for our family
547. getting to spend time and play with our dear friends Lola and Haley today!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Multitude Monday: 522-535

I am thankful for...

522.   Finally finding a house in Spring Hill, TN!
523.   Meme and Poppy’s help taking care of C, and Nana and Pawpaw’s help taking care of SG while Trey and I went to TN to look for homes
524.   The Lord’s providence in bringing the perfect tenants to rent our house right to our door! It was amazing! We put a sign in the yard and had renters in a week!
525.   Friends’ and family’s help while moving
526.   Meme and Poppy opening up their home to us for a month while we wait for our house to get finished being built
527.   Trey’s wisdom in allowing our family to establish a savings these past five years to prepare for putting a down payment on our new home and having an emergency fund
528.   The ability to save money during the month of June while we are living with Meme and Poppy
529.   SG’s growing vocabulary…She recently said “I want to put my shoes on!” a.k.a.- I want to go outside
530.   Caroline’s blossoming personality! She’s such a sweet little thing most of the time.
531.   The Lord’s strength allowing me to breastfeed (pump) these past 7 ½ months. I didn’t make it very far with SG so I’m very thankful.
532.   This time of learning that the Lord is enough even when others hurt or fail you.
533.   Trey finding an employee to cover his former territory. This is a huge burden lifted off of his shoulders and mine.
534.   Getting to have a date night with Trey- We haven’t had the opportunity to go out on a “date” in a long time!
535.   SG’s eye dr. appt going well.

While we are oh so blessed, we ask for you to pray for our family in a few areas if you feel so called to do so:

*Please pray for my Mother In Law’s (Susie’s) surgery to go well on May 21st. She is donating a kidney to a dear friend in need of this vital organ. I will be caring for her as she recovers from this major surgery. Please pray she isn’t in a lot of pain and recovers quickly. Also pray for God’s wisdom in knowing how to care for her in the best way possible so that I can help her heal.

*Trey’s safe travels and strength for me. Trey will be traveling a lot this month to train his replacement for the AL and MS territory. Please pray for his safety and my endurance while taking care of the kids and helping Meme heal.

*Please pray everything goes well with the closing of our home (sometime around June 20th- my birthday).

*In addition, pray our move goes smoothly and we’re all able to adjust quickly.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated during this time in our lives.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

These two lions sure do look....
Don't you think?

They sure can give those lions, tigers, and bears a run for their money!

 After all, they're loud enough to make any animal turn it's head!

 Bing! Bang!

 Even the elephant seemed worried and wanted to get away!

After a while, these two little girls will regroup and decide they've had enough binging and banging for one day.
 So, our little navigator will instruct us which way to go!

 Of course, we'll stop for photo opts along the way!

 And if we're careful enough, we just might sneak up on a....

 hippity hoppity Kangroo!

 Well, maybe not so hippity hoppity...This kangaroo is taking a break! So...

 We did too!

 Only for a minute, though because....

 There was some mining to be done!

 Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!

And after a long and exciting day....
We'll head home!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Easter from The Gunters!

 After church at Meme's house for lunch!
 Our family of 4!

 Sweet girls!
 Not so sweet...poor Sydney! Bahaha!
 SG's easter basket
 C's bunny basket!
 And, the hunt begins...
 SG loved searching.....
 and searching....
 and searching....for
 ALL the "eter" eggs!