Monday, May 21, 2012

Multitude Monday: 536-547

I am thankful for...

536. watching SG make connections- One day this week, while playing with two small fairy dolls, she positioned them facing each other and keep saying something that I just couldn't understand. Finally, I realized she was saying "friends." When I said, "Oh, are you saying they're friends?" She nodded her head and smiled a proud smile of accomplishment! It was soooooo sweet.
537. Trey's safety while traveling to Nashville for business.
538. Meme's and Poppy's help while daddy was out of town
539. getting to go to Grand Momma's house this week with the girls
540. Nana's help watching C so that we could take Sydney and SG to the park on Saturday
541. Rachel's CF walk going well- I wish I could have been there, though :(
542. Trey willingness to watch the girls while the women in the family (Me, Meme, Kay Kay, and Nana) went out for a "Girls' Night"- It was so refreshing!
543. Trey watching the girls while I went to help host a baby shower- he was super dad this weekend!
544.  spending time as a family with Meme before her surgery
545. Meme's surgery going well! Now we've just got to pray for recovery.
546. The Lord's hand and guidance for our family
547. getting to spend time and play with our dear friends Lola and Haley today!

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