Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We've been busy little bees around the Gunter household, and mommy has been very tired these days! I'll dedicate another post to the reason for that :). Nevertheless, Susannah Grace is just continuing to grow and blossom. Oh, how I just LOVE this child. I have included a photo diary below to share our latest happenings.

We've been trying out the lastest hair styles for little girls!
This little priss has LOTS of hair!
The Easter Bunny paid us a visit....
and brought us lots of goodies!
Susannah Grace was excited about her Peeps!

She continued to enjoy her Easter basket while she watched a little T.V.
while Mommy and Daddy got ready for church!

We celebrated our Risen Savior at church on Easter Sunday!
Susannah Grace flashed an adoring look at Daddy
while we were taking our picture by the cross. :)

After church, we headed over to Meme's to celebrate!
These two little girls enjoyed each other's company...
and did lots of playing.

We've had fun in the sun with some of our favorite people.
She sure does enjoy the outdoors!
And...this mommy and baby have spent lots of quality time together!

Monday, May 9, 2011

1 Year

The pictures above were taken shortly after Susannah Grace's 1st birthday!
I've included her stats below!

1 Year Stats:
Weight:26.5 lbs
Height: 31 inches
Head Circumference: 17.75 inches

*Crawling EVERYWHERE :)
*Pulling up on EVERYTHING and walking holding onto furniture/objects- still not walking alone
*Some of the words she's saying saying: Momma, Dadda, Bye bye while waving, duck, ball, wee, yay, no no no no

Eating: Three Meals a day of table food/ Milk- Breakfast, lunch, and bedtime out of a cup

Sleeping: 11+ hours with 2 naps a day (1-2 hours in length each time)

I sure do love this precious angel. I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us to be her parents. She has been a wonderful blessing to the both of us! I'm thrilled to continue to watch her grow and development. It's been an amazing journey thus far!