Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Multitude Monday: 302-319

I am thankful for... 

302. Meme watching SG
303. Caroline and I getting to visit with our friends Lauren and Ruthie
304. having down time and cleaning up the house a little

305. Meme's help with the girls today
306. getting to go to a breastfeeding support group
307. finding out Caroline is back up to her birth weight- 8lbs 8 oz (she's actually a little over)
308. finally getting to lift SG- it's been so hard not being able to pick her up these last 2 weeks because of  my c-section- it felt so good to be able to hold her
309. the Stembridge family bringing us a delicious dinner

310. Meme's help with the girls again today
311. Caroline feeling a  little better after we put saline drops in her nose- Bless her heart, she's been really stuffy lately
312. Trey's help in the evenings- giving SG a bath and tucking her in


313. having the girls by myself today and SURVIVING
314. the Adamson family bringing us yummy barbecue

315. Meme keeping SG
316. getting to hang out and have dinner  with the Webbs

317. spending time as a family today- I love the weekends
318. getting to watch a movie with the hubby tonight

319. getting out to go to the store and Olive Garden with the family

Monday, October 17, 2011

Multitude Monday: 278-301

I am thankful for...

278. Meme watching SG while Trey and I took Caroline to her first dr.'s appt.
279. a mostly healthy report from her visit- we are going to have to take her to a specialist at UAB to get a small spot on her eye checked out- please pray for us. Her pediatrician says it looks like a cataract
280. a day of running errands and getting to eat a yummy lunch with  the hubs

281. Meme's help with SG since I can't lift her right now
282. getting to run errands and eat a yummy lunch at Olive Garden with my girls and Meme
283. Meme getting SG a few new outfits at Whoopsie Daisy- she needed them!
284. Jennifer sending over yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner! YUM!

285. Caroline's sweet demeanor
286. SG being a sweet big sister- she has really surprised me with how well she has been adjusting to everything
287. Meme making a very yummy chicken gumbo and chocolate pie for us for dinner!
288. getting to see Kay Kay and Sydney- Sydney was so loving to her baby cousin

289. Meme's continued help during this time
290. The Hooie's bringing us some delicious pizza and bread sticks from Carpenetti's

291. Meme watching SG while I spent some quality time with Caroline
292. getting to go out to eat at Jason's deli as a family

293. getting to go to BuyBuy Baby and do some shopping to complete our registry
294. My grandparents sweet monetary gift allowing us to purchase several items off our registry that we still needed
295. going out to eat for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants- Firebirds
296. Kim Maye's patience during our photo shoot- let's just say both girls were not happy campers and Mommy and Daddy were exhausted after the shoot, and Nana's help watching SG

297. getting a visit from Ray Ray and Grant
298. getting a visit from Gigi
299. Gigi bringing us YUMMY chili for dinner
300. making it to #300 with a newborn
301. Gigi playing with SG and making her feel extra loved!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Caroline Elizabeth Gunter

Trey and I are happy to introduce our newest addition to you! Meet Miss Caroline Elizabeth Gunter. After 22 hours of labor (I made it to 9 cm and was 90% effaced but my body would not cooperate from there), 3 epidurals (the last two didn't work), and a c-section she finally decided to join us. Let's just say I came real close to experiencing natural child birth- NOT by choice. Nevertheless, the Lord has truly blessed us with a sweet and precious angel. Her temperament is so easy going and laid back. It's been a joy to watch SG with her too. Susannah Grace has been a terrific big sister so far. I can't wait to watch them grow together.

 Mommy and Daddy are ready to meet Miss Caroline!
 Birthday cake- it's a tradition we started with my niece, Sydney

 Hello world!
 What a beautiful baby!

 We still see this face a lot...one eyed Willie...aka the stink eye
 Look at that long skinny foot
 8 lbs 5 oz 21 inches long!

I think she might have my lips. 
 This was such a special moment.
 Mommy and baby

 First family pic

 We're so in love already!
Dr. Tamucci congratulating us...I LOVE her!

 Sweet snuggly baby 
 Big sis patting the baby
 The proud big sis!
 This is what she does most of the time...
 Sweet angel

The Pumpkin Patch

So, before Caroline's big arrival Trey and I decided to take Miss Susannah Grace to The Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL. We were so excited to do something special for her since it would be one of the last things we did together as a family of three. I wish I could say it was a wonderful experience, but I can't. SG was in a foul mood that day. I think she was coming down with a sinus infection at that time. Therefore, she was NOT a happy camper at the patch. We had our moments of joy, but most moments were filled with temper tantrums and whining. However, we managed to get a few good pictures. Looking back it was quite comical how she was acting. In the moment, not so much. Lesson learned= Life's not perfect, but we're oh so thankful for all the moments- good and bad. :)

 Not loving the hay...
 "Uppy, uppy momma"
 Clucking like a chicken
 She did enjoy seeing all of the farm animals at the petting zoo!
 looking closely at the gobble gobble
 Perhaps, her favorite part of the trip was dancing with the big kids on the stage in the barn!
 She wasn't very amused by the pumpkin 
 Her daddy helped her pick out just the right one.
 walking back to the tractor
 stopping to look at the pretty flowers
 This is the face/attitude we dealt with most of the time...
 fake happy moment...haha...I can laugh now
 Can you tell it was HOT that day?
 riding on the tractor with mommy
 Trying to cool off with dada

See you in a couple of years pumpkin patch...

Multitude Monday: 245-277

I am thankful for...

245. one last day as a family of three to spend together
246. time to get everything organized and clean for the big day tomorrow

247. the kind nurse who chose to stay with me, even though she got off earlier, to help me deliver Caroline
248. Caroline’s strong heartbeat throughout the entire labor
249. the three different anesthesiologists that worked very hard to get my epidural to work – even though it didn’t
250. The Lord’s hand on mine and Caroline’s health throughout the labor- mom and baby are both healthy
251. Dr. Tamucci’s skillful hands while performing my c-section
252. Trey’s kindness and tenderness to me throughout the whole process
253. our beautiful baby girl and the immediate joy she has brought to both of us
254. Susannah Grace’s sweet reaction when she saw her Sissy
255. Gigi’s sacrificial help keeping SG while we were delivering Caroline

256. Mom’s help keeping SG while we were in the hospital
257. SG’s sweet voice on the phone saying “Hey or hewo” and giving me two kisses
258. Nana bringing SG to the hospital to see Caroline
259. SG delicately stroking Caroline’s head- mimicking me
260. Caroline nursing well in the hospital
261. the continued excellent care provided by the nurses and doctor’s at Brookwood Hospital

262. Sweet time alone with Caroline to bond with her
263. Caroline’s easy spirit- so far she is easy to console and laid back
264. Meme and Poppie’s visit and the yummy food they brought- Five Guys for Trey and a salad from Brio’s for me J

265. SG not having diarrhea today- we were worried she might have the stomach bug because she had diarrhea the night before 
266. Getting to see SG at home when she woke up from her nap
267. SG saying “Hold you, hold you, hold you” in her crib looking at me- you could tell she missed her momma
268. SG saying “Baby” while patting Caroline
269. getting to celebrate Mom’s birthday

270. having a good breast pump- Caroline has had some trouble nursing since we've been home, so I have been having to pump a little
271. SG being sweet to Sissy
272. Meme and Poppie bringing us yummy Chick-fil-A for lunch
273. Mom coming over to help with SG and clean a little for us J

274. a relaxing day as a family of four
275. going to Target with Trey and the kids- ahhhh something normal
276. eating out as a family and the girls being sweet
277. a restful night-Caroline slept well