Monday, October 17, 2011

Multitude Monday: 278-301

I am thankful for...

278. Meme watching SG while Trey and I took Caroline to her first dr.'s appt.
279. a mostly healthy report from her visit- we are going to have to take her to a specialist at UAB to get a small spot on her eye checked out- please pray for us. Her pediatrician says it looks like a cataract
280. a day of running errands and getting to eat a yummy lunch with  the hubs

281. Meme's help with SG since I can't lift her right now
282. getting to run errands and eat a yummy lunch at Olive Garden with my girls and Meme
283. Meme getting SG a few new outfits at Whoopsie Daisy- she needed them!
284. Jennifer sending over yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner! YUM!

285. Caroline's sweet demeanor
286. SG being a sweet big sister- she has really surprised me with how well she has been adjusting to everything
287. Meme making a very yummy chicken gumbo and chocolate pie for us for dinner!
288. getting to see Kay Kay and Sydney- Sydney was so loving to her baby cousin

289. Meme's continued help during this time
290. The Hooie's bringing us some delicious pizza and bread sticks from Carpenetti's

291. Meme watching SG while I spent some quality time with Caroline
292. getting to go out to eat at Jason's deli as a family

293. getting to go to BuyBuy Baby and do some shopping to complete our registry
294. My grandparents sweet monetary gift allowing us to purchase several items off our registry that we still needed
295. going out to eat for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants- Firebirds
296. Kim Maye's patience during our photo shoot- let's just say both girls were not happy campers and Mommy and Daddy were exhausted after the shoot, and Nana's help watching SG

297. getting a visit from Ray Ray and Grant
298. getting a visit from Gigi
299. Gigi bringing us YUMMY chili for dinner
300. making it to #300 with a newborn
301. Gigi playing with SG and making her feel extra loved!

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