Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

So, before Caroline's big arrival Trey and I decided to take Miss Susannah Grace to The Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL. We were so excited to do something special for her since it would be one of the last things we did together as a family of three. I wish I could say it was a wonderful experience, but I can't. SG was in a foul mood that day. I think she was coming down with a sinus infection at that time. Therefore, she was NOT a happy camper at the patch. We had our moments of joy, but most moments were filled with temper tantrums and whining. However, we managed to get a few good pictures. Looking back it was quite comical how she was acting. In the moment, not so much. Lesson learned= Life's not perfect, but we're oh so thankful for all the moments- good and bad. :)

 Not loving the hay...
 "Uppy, uppy momma"
 Clucking like a chicken
 She did enjoy seeing all of the farm animals at the petting zoo!
 looking closely at the gobble gobble
 Perhaps, her favorite part of the trip was dancing with the big kids on the stage in the barn!
 She wasn't very amused by the pumpkin 
 Her daddy helped her pick out just the right one.
 walking back to the tractor
 stopping to look at the pretty flowers
 This is the face/attitude we dealt with most of the time...
 fake happy moment...haha...I can laugh now
 Can you tell it was HOT that day?
 riding on the tractor with mommy
 Trying to cool off with dada

See you in a couple of years pumpkin patch...

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