Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Multitude Monday: 302-319

I am thankful for... 

302. Meme watching SG
303. Caroline and I getting to visit with our friends Lauren and Ruthie
304. having down time and cleaning up the house a little

305. Meme's help with the girls today
306. getting to go to a breastfeeding support group
307. finding out Caroline is back up to her birth weight- 8lbs 8 oz (she's actually a little over)
308. finally getting to lift SG- it's been so hard not being able to pick her up these last 2 weeks because of  my c-section- it felt so good to be able to hold her
309. the Stembridge family bringing us a delicious dinner

310. Meme's help with the girls again today
311. Caroline feeling a  little better after we put saline drops in her nose- Bless her heart, she's been really stuffy lately
312. Trey's help in the evenings- giving SG a bath and tucking her in


313. having the girls by myself today and SURVIVING
314. the Adamson family bringing us yummy barbecue

315. Meme keeping SG
316. getting to hang out and have dinner  with the Webbs

317. spending time as a family today- I love the weekends
318. getting to watch a movie with the hubby tonight

319. getting out to go to the store and Olive Garden with the family

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