Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitude Monday: 245-277

I am thankful for...

245. one last day as a family of three to spend together
246. time to get everything organized and clean for the big day tomorrow

247. the kind nurse who chose to stay with me, even though she got off earlier, to help me deliver Caroline
248. Caroline’s strong heartbeat throughout the entire labor
249. the three different anesthesiologists that worked very hard to get my epidural to work – even though it didn’t
250. The Lord’s hand on mine and Caroline’s health throughout the labor- mom and baby are both healthy
251. Dr. Tamucci’s skillful hands while performing my c-section
252. Trey’s kindness and tenderness to me throughout the whole process
253. our beautiful baby girl and the immediate joy she has brought to both of us
254. Susannah Grace’s sweet reaction when she saw her Sissy
255. Gigi’s sacrificial help keeping SG while we were delivering Caroline

256. Mom’s help keeping SG while we were in the hospital
257. SG’s sweet voice on the phone saying “Hey or hewo” and giving me two kisses
258. Nana bringing SG to the hospital to see Caroline
259. SG delicately stroking Caroline’s head- mimicking me
260. Caroline nursing well in the hospital
261. the continued excellent care provided by the nurses and doctor’s at Brookwood Hospital

262. Sweet time alone with Caroline to bond with her
263. Caroline’s easy spirit- so far she is easy to console and laid back
264. Meme and Poppie’s visit and the yummy food they brought- Five Guys for Trey and a salad from Brio’s for me J

265. SG not having diarrhea today- we were worried she might have the stomach bug because she had diarrhea the night before 
266. Getting to see SG at home when she woke up from her nap
267. SG saying “Hold you, hold you, hold you” in her crib looking at me- you could tell she missed her momma
268. SG saying “Baby” while patting Caroline
269. getting to celebrate Mom’s birthday

270. having a good breast pump- Caroline has had some trouble nursing since we've been home, so I have been having to pump a little
271. SG being sweet to Sissy
272. Meme and Poppie bringing us yummy Chick-fil-A for lunch
273. Mom coming over to help with SG and clean a little for us J

274. a relaxing day as a family of four
275. going to Target with Trey and the kids- ahhhh something normal
276. eating out as a family and the girls being sweet
277. a restful night-Caroline slept well

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  1. YOU GO MAMA! Still counting with a newborn! LOVE reading your sweet blessings! You will forever have these memories to share with your family! Enjoyed talking for just a bit- will try you again soon! Praying for you guys! Love you!