Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Multitude Monday/Tuesday:548-570

Today has been one of those days weeks that I feel like I’m losing heart. When that happens I have to sit down, be still, and think of what I’m thankful for. I haven’t done this in a while and it shows (in my attitude, speech, and the numbness of my heart). We’ve been busy these days. Our lives are slowly but surely settling down a little, though. I know you’ve been wondering if we’re even ALIVE. Well, the answer is yes. We’re alive here in Spring Hill, TN. We’ve been in our house now for about a month. I really love our house and the area. We’re just in that waiting place….waiting to find a church, friends, and a place in this new town. So, while I’m waiting, and especially because I thought I needed the reminder, I thought I would continue on the pursuit of listing 1,000 things I’m thankful for…

I am thankful for…

548. Meme’s and Poppy’s willingness and graciousness to let us live with them for 6 weeks while we waited on our house to get finished being built
549. Developing a deeper relationship with my sister in law (Krysten) during the time that we lived with Meme and Poppy
550. Meme’s surgery and recovery going well
551. Mom’s and Dad’s help renting an additional truck for us so that we wouldn’t have to make numerous trips to get everything to Spring Hill that wouldn’t fit in the POD
552. FINALLY closing on our new home and getting to move in
553. Pawpaw’s and Poppy’s help moving in
554. Nana’s, Meme’s, and KK’s help watching the girls while we moved in the majority of our things
555.  Trey’s patience with me…getting everything into it’s place in our new home J
556. 5 years of marriage to my wonderful husband
557. Meme and Poppy watching the girls so that we could have a date night for our anniversary
558. Susannah Grace saying, “Momma, sit,” while patting on my bed because she wanted me to sit and watch T.V. with her
559. Watching my girls hold hands while sitting next to each other
560. Hearing SG giggle at Caroline babbling in the car
561. Caroline’s sweet personality blossoming- I love seeing her smile with her mouth wide open flashing those two adorable bottom teeth
562. Getting C down to 2 naps and the flexibility it has given us
563. Changing C’s schedule so that she wakes up a little later in the morning J
564. SG saying “Yay” when we she gets something she is excited about. For instance, when she gets a cookie, we take her to the park, or when daddy gets home.
565. Hearing SG sing “Jesus” at night, as she calls it…”Jesus Loves Me.” Her little voice is so innocent and sweet
566. Trey’s strength during difficult times
567. Mom and Dad finding a new home so that it will be a little easier for us to visit!
568. Friends that have called to see how we’ve been since the move
569. A friend’s encouraging email- It’s always nice to know that there are people out there who care
570. Getting to talk to Gigi. She always knows what to say to make me feel better.

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