Tuesday, July 24, 2012

9 Months!

Weight: 27 lbs 2 oz
Height: 30 inches
Head: 47 cm
She's 99% for all! Baby girl is perfectly proportionate for her body, she's just SOLID...if you know what I mean! 

That's right! You're reading it correctly....My baby girls is 9 whole months old (almost 10 months old since I'm posting this late)! Can you believe it? I just can't. Her little life has seemed to fly bye much more quickly than SG at this age. I guess keeping up with both girls, who are only 19 months apart, does having a blurring effect at times. I'm so thankful for her little life. What a precious surprise blessing she has turned out to be. When she is sweet, which is most of the time, she is sugary sweet. She's my cuddle bug for sure and I love soaking it in when I can. I'm so thankful for her little life and the joy it has brought to our lives.

3-4 bottles a day...mostly 4 (about 25 oz or less a day)
3 meals a day (1 1/2-2 stage 2 organic baby food containers)
*She has prunes and rice cereal in the morning, a veggie and fruit for lunch, and two veggies for dinner.

*During the last couple of weeks she has dropped down to two naps (one around 9ish and 1:45ish)
This occurred because she started waking up around 4 am playing....She would go back to sleep, but mommy thought she might need to drop a nap.
*We have been putting her down around 7 PM. Before we moved, she would sleep from 7-7, but now she only sleeps from 7-6ish. So, needless to say, I'm currently trying to bump back her bed time so that she will sleep in later.

*Right when she turned 9 months she started ROLLING ALL OVER THE PLACE!! YAY!
*She can stand without assistance holding onto furniture for short periods- Mommy is standing right behind her, of course ;).
*She has also just recently started babbling "Ba ba ba"- I'm so thankful because I was a little worried that she wasn't repeating a consonant with a short vowel sound. She would make noise like "Uhhhhh" or "Mmmmm" but that was it. So, I'm glad I can put that little worry to rest :).
*She has THREE teeth! She just got her third one this week!
*She LOVES to eat crackers all by herself. What a big girl?! These are a life saver in between meals or when we go out to eat and she needs a little snack.
*Her little personality has just started blossoming! It is so sweet. She loves flashing those two bottom teeth! Although, she does have some stranger anxiety. She'll stare you down and poke out her bottom lip if you aren't too careful.

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