Monday, August 15, 2011

Multitude Monday: 61-90

I am thankful for...

61. a day at home to recuperate from our trip to Atlanta this past weekend- SG and I built a "fort" and had a good time playing together
62. the shutter coming in for our house that was blown off during the tornado
63. home improvement websites
64. the spackling job I did on SG's wall when I removed her wall decal since I had never done that before
65. Hubby working from home today and taking breaks here and there to spend time with SG and me
66. 31 Days of Prayer Calendar I found a couple of months ago to help me pray more specifically for my
SG loved playing in the "fort" we made!

67. Meme watching SG today
68. a productive day sewing!
69. Meme's company- she spent the night with us because her power went out
70. time to catch up on watching our favorite shows
71. a day at home to hang out
72. SG's 3 1/2 hour nap!
73. Sewing time while SG was asleep
Auburn and Alabama outfits I made for SG, Caroline, and Sydney :)
The back to school outfit I made for SG and Sydney

74. Getting to spend time Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt today
75. Good conversation
76. Two prissy little girls wanting to wear tutus and twirl
77. SG saying, "tutu" while holding a tutu in each hand and wanting to put BOTH of them on....I LOVE IT!
78. a visit from Gigi and Ray Ray
Olivia and SG in their tutus...
twirling round and round!

79. Meme watching SG while I went to my biweekly obgyn appt
80. a good report at the dr.
81. SG's sweet voice saying "bubbles" when she wants to go outside and blow bubbles
82. Good company and dinner with Sarah and Taylor
83. Taylor helping Trey move Trey's office out of SG's new room

Take a close look- SG wanted to wear 2 tutus,
not just one while eating a graham cracker and holding her purse!

84. Trey getting up to feed SG breakfast at 8:00 while I stayed in bed to rest!
85. a yummy biscuit from Jack's
86. quality time with Sherry and Rachel while Rachel's photographer took her bridal portraits!- They are going to be gorgeous!

SG and Ray Ray
87. my mom's BIG help figuring out a sewing project for SG's new room!
88. feeling productive getting one panel of curtains done for SG's room!
89. Susannah Grace's funny demeanor today- she was a CHATTER BOX
90. a good night's rest- I've been a little uncomfortable lately

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  1. I love SG's smile. It is contagious! Love all of the sewing projects too!