Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitude Monday: The Beginning of Something Good

For the past several months, I have been encouraged and inspired by my friend Anna's blog. Her willingness to share 1,000 things she is thankful for on her blog each week has helped me realize it's important to remember even the smallest of details when it comes to being grateful. While I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a pessimist, I do tend to spend quite a bit of time dwelling and worrying about the negative aspects of my life. Therefore, I've decided to take on the same venture for the next several months in order to renew my mind, not only with God's word, but with all of the big and little things he does for me on a daily basis. I will share these blessings each week (Lord willing- I am having baby #2 in 10 weeks) until I reach 1,000! I hope this encourages and edifies you as much as I am thinking it will me.

I'm thankful for....

Monday- 7-25-11
1. Susannah Grace's 17 months of life...I can't believe how quickly it has passed by. What an enormous blessing her little sweet life is to our family.
2. Trey made it safely to Atlanta this week for business.
3. SG was a sweet girl for mommy- She's getting two teeth right now and has been precious despite them today.
4. SG saying "Toes" and grabbing her little piggies on the changing table.
5. SG saying "Up" and reaching for me when she wants to be held.
6. a friend's loss making me more aware how very blessed I am to have both of my parents healthy and living- I don't know what I would do without them.
7. SG finding a bottle in my BuyBuy Baby bag and using it to try and feed her "baby".
8. God's providence in allowing me to be able to stay at home with my babies this upcoming year.
9. Trey's willingness to allow me to stay home even though it may be a little more stressful for him.
10. finding a dresser for SG's big girl room- major stress reliever for a mommy in nesting mode.
11. finding fabric to make her bedding :).

Tuesday- 7-26-11
12. a smooth car ride to and from the Splash Pad without a DVD player.
13. watching SG's exited little face as she went from one section of the Splash Pad to the other.

14. a fun day at Spring Valley Beach with Meme, Aunt Kay Kay, and Sydney.
15. a peaceful and safe trip to and from Spring Valley Beach.
16. a sweet and thoughtful mother in law giving me a box of my favorite Keurig coffee right now, Island Coconut.

17. SG's sweet sing-song voice when she's holding one of her foam letters and she wants me to sing the "ABC" song to her.
18. the movement I feel when baby #2 squirms in my womb.
19. Trey's safe return home from a week away for business.

20. my husband exhibiting patience when I wanted him to pick up SG's crib and dresser in one afternoon.

21. Trey's willingness to spend a big chunk of the day moving furniture and setting up SG's convertible crib. Also, Nana's big help purchasing it!
22. much needed quality time catching up with the hubby on our favorite shows.
23. a lazy day at the house.

24. SG's sweet demeanor when I peeked into her Sunday school class to pick her up from church. I love watching her play with other children when she doesn't know I am looking.
25. SG's excitement to see mommy and daddy pick her up from her class after church.
26. quality time with my "sister," Rachel, and second mother, Sherry, at Rachel's bridal tea. She looked so beautiful. I can't believe she is getting married! I am so thankful she found a keeper :).
27. a fun night of playing cards, eating good food, and having good fellowship with my MIL, SIL, and friends.
28. my MIL's sweet spirit of giving me a new pair of my favorite earrings that I misplaced.
29. my mom's willingness to watch SG while her daddy went to work out.
30. SG's 3 1/2 hour nap!

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