Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Caroline

I'm proud to announce that Trey and I are expecting a surprise blessing named Caroline Elizabeth Gunter in about 10 weeks! I know, I's terrible that I'm just now blogging about her. However, when you're trying to keep up with another little baby on the move it makes time for blogging limited.

Trey and I found out we were expecting baby #2 in January. While we were thrilled and oh so thankful, we were definitely surprised to find out the news. It's been a whirl wind ever since, getting things in line to prepare for this precious little angel. In between the time we found out this good news and now a lot has happened. At the very end of May, Trey received a promotion with the company he has been working for for the past two years, Millar Electronics, which will enable him to be the new sales manager for the company. This promotion has been such a blessing for our family because it will allow me to stay at home with our sweet babies. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the Lord granting this request. It has been pressing firmly on my heart for a year now. Therefore, as soon as I found out, I went straight to my principal to tell her the news. It was definitely a bittersweet revelation because I truly LOVED my job at Edgewood Elementary. I've been working there for the past four years as a 3rd grade teacher. My administration, co-workers, and students have been an absolute joy to work for and with. I will miss them dearly. However, I am so thrilled about seeing my little ones on a daily basis so that I can "Train them up in the way of the Lord" Psalm 22:6.

In addition to the wonderful blessing of being a stay at home mom, we also found out one other little detail...We'll be moving to Atlanta, GA this upcoming year. Trey's promotion requires that we relocate to this destination. Of course, we are going to wait until Miss Caroline makes her grand arrival! We are thankful the move is not an immediate one. However, after Caroline is a few months old we will be starting the process of selling our house and searching for a new home in Atlanta. Of course, this is all bittersweet as well. Both sides of our family live in Birmingham, AL so I'm sure we are going to be very homesick for a while. Nevertheless, Trey and I are very excited to begin this new chapter of our lives as a family of four. I'll work extra hard to keep you updated! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we transition into this new journey.

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  1. melinda toole! i can't believe you!! how didn't i know this?? congrats to you and trey and susannah grace. so happy for your growing family!!