Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitude Monday: 119-146

***Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. It's been a busy one! I make up for it next week!

8-22-11 MM
119. some mommy time in order to look for more furniture for SG's room
120. remembering that it will be OK if I don't find what I'm looking for right now for SG's room- there are so many other things that are more important
121. finding a sweet heirloom dress at an antique store for $12 :)
122. Only having to buy a few things from the store for this week

123. my niece's surgery going well- now we have just got to pray that the mole on her arm is not cancerous
124. learning to get over my control issues when my child will NOT take a nap every once in a while
125. being productive taking pictures of old gowns and posting them on ebay to sell

126. Getting to play with Livi and Anna Kayt today
127. SG's 3 hour nap
128. The wreck I saw on the interstate and the thankfulness it made me feel that God has kept my family and
myself safe
129. getting to eat dinner with mom at Habeneros- one of my favorite places while I'm pregnant :)
130. my grandmother's surgery going well- second hip surgery in the past couple of months
131. the "moment" I watched SG have with her baby doll- holding it in front of her little face, talking to it, hugging, patting, and loving on it- it was so sweet
132. SG saying "Uv you" when I put her down for bed- melts my heart
133. Trey coming home early from out of town business- even though he didn't feel very well

134. Sg's 18 months of life- I can't believe how quickly it has flown by
135. Getting to spend time with Jennifer and having time to cut out two patterns for some cute shorts
136. An excellent doctor's report- Caroline and I are growing :)
137. The amazing rate at which SG is learning new things each day- It's incredible to watch and see how she is starting to really connect things
139. Finding an excellent antique shop in Pelham that had an assortment of dressers that I was looking for at just
the right price

140. Trey picking up my dresser and a chair for SG's room from the antique shop
141. Mom watching SG while we had a date night at my 10 year reunion
142. Good conversation and fellowship with long time friends

143. online tutorials on how to shabby chic dressers :)
144. having time to sand and prime the new/old dresser we got
145. getting to help celebrate a sweet little boy's 2nd birthday
146. SG's outgoing and funny personality- she was WIDE OPEN at the birthday party

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