Monday, September 5, 2011

Multitude Monday: 147-172

I am thankful for...

147. a shopping day with Nana and SG
148. getting to pick out Caroline's sweet coming home
dress and a few things for SG
149. time to finish priming the dresser I'm shabby chicing
150. time to clean up a little around the house
151. getting to spend time with Haley and Lola at the squishy park :)
152. yummy yogurt mountain helping cool us all down
153. SG eating her yogurt with a spoon all by herself like a big girl
154. time to do some sewing
155. Meme keeping SG while Trey and I went to Nashville
156. getting to chill out in the hotel and NOT MOVE while
Trey was doing some work around town
157. having my first meal at a DDD
(Diners Drive-ins and Dives) restaurant with Trey
158. getting to catch up with a dear friend- Love you Melisa!
159. getting to sleep in a little longer that usual
160. getting to spend time with the hubby shopping
around and eating a good lunch
161. having time to talk with Trey without interruption on
our way home to Birmingham
162. the warm feeling I have when I see SG after we've been away from each other
163. finally getting paint to start painting SG's new room :)
164. SG's long nap
165. Meme and Poppie's help painting a couple of rooms in our house
166. finding the perfect decor for SG's room 50% off at
Hobby Lobby- WOOHOO
167. Trey and Meme's hard work today finishing painting
and getting everything in order
168. time with Nana while Trey and Meme were painting
169. Mom's help taking up my bridesmaid dress and SG's
flower girl dress for Ray Ray's wedding
170. Sherry's help at just the right time :)

171. getting to spend time with Ray Ray and Gigi
at Rachel's bridesmaids' luncheon
172. getting to spend time with family to celebrate
Krysten's birthday

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