Monday, September 19, 2011

Multitude Monday: 193-211

***So, it's been a busy week trying to get everything prepared for Miss Caroline. I'll post a few pictures 
of SG's new room and how she is growing in the next few upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

I am thankful for...

194. Meme watching SG while I got some sewing and embroidering done- I finally got all of SG and Sydney's
fall outfits done! YIPPEE!
195. a good dr.'s report- I'm dilated 1 cm and 70% effaced at 36 weeks and everything seems to be going well

196. Trey safely traveling to MS

197. getting to spend time with our friends Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt
198. realizing how very blessed I am to have such a healthy pregnancy thus far through a friend's sad situation

199. Mom helping me finish SG's bedding
200. reaching #200!
201. Trey's safe travels back from MS

202. making The Sandwich King's codwich sliders with Trey
203. enjoying a movie night at home with Trey
204. getting to put SG in her new big girl room to sleep tonight- it was bitter sweet- She's just growing up too fast

205. Nana watching SG while Trey and I went to a dear friend's grandfather's funeral
206. down time in order to relax- I have really needed to slow down lately
207. Trey helping me with SG

208. good fellowship at church
209. a refreshing nap after church- I usually have a really hard time taking one
210. a fun time at the park watching SG as she enjoyed playing
211. SG's cackle as her daddy spun her around in a diaper box- she could not even sit up straight afterwards- It was HILARIOUS!

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  1. You reached 200! Way to go! Yes- so thankful for an uneventful pregnancy! Love you!