Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1 Month and Growing...

I realize that it's been a while since I've posted on here. Sorry for the wait. We've had quite a bit going on this last month and a half. Susannah Grace has been growing like a little weed! When I took her to her first doctor's appointment four days after she was born she weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and measured 21 inches. During her 1 month check up her doctor revealed she weighed 10 lbs 7 oz and measured 21 inches (at five weeks)! She's getting to be a little chunky monkey. I'm sure when she starts growing more in length she'll slim out some :). I must say, I wasn't surprised that she was beginning to fill out some. She's been eating like crazy. She eats about 4 oz every 2- 2 1/2 hours, sometimes before. We're working on lengthening out our eating habits and taking more consistent naps. This week it's really started to click (week 6) and she has been doing a much better job. In addition, many of you may know that she was diagnosed with torticollis. This condition is not too serious. She just has a tight muscle on the right side of her neck. So, we have been doing lots of tummy time and physical therapy at home. All in all, I've been falling more and more in love with this precious little angel. Below I've included a little photo diary of some things she's been up to this past month and a half!

Tummy time is a blast! I can hold my head up like a big girl!

I love reading and spending time with mommy and daddy during this time!
We have lots of fun together!

I'm just working on my reading and counting skills.

My daddy sure is silly!
He makes me smile.
I sure do love to smile. I started smiling at 4 weeks and have been smiling ever since. I mainly smile at mommy and daddy but lately I've really been grinning at other visitors too!

Speaking of visitors...Her I am with my Nana!

I sure do love my Meme. She spoils me rotten!

Anna and little Bradford came to meet me!

Here are some things I love to do!
I love to suck on my hands or my paci.

I found my thumb!
Sometimes I love to dress up...and sometimes I don't :).
Get this bonnet off of me!
I love my lamb swing.
Sitting up in my Bumbo, like a big girl, sure is fun!
I also enjoy my play gym!

Did I mention that I LOVE being in my pumpkin seat, while in motion.
Mommy enjoys it too because it can always put me to sleep :).

The Easter bunny came to visit me. :)
What's up Doc?
My cousin, Sydney, and I got all dressed up for church!
We got to pretend we were little bunnies while at Meme's.


  1. Oh Melinda she is just sooo cute!!! I love her little easter outfit and those hairbows are just adorable!!! Can't wait for our girls to play together :)

  2. Congratulations, Melinda! I'm so happy for you! Susannah is absolutely beautiful!