Saturday, September 4, 2010

6 Months!

Half a year has come and gone with my little pumpkin. I can't believe it. People have always told me it would fly by. I didn't believe them at first, because the first four weeks of her life seemed like an eternity, without sleep! However, I find myself looking at her more and more each day with that, "My baby's growing up," look in my eye. I am so thankful the Lord chose to bless Trey and me with her life. Forgive me, Lord, when I have been ungrateful at times for certain situations in my life right now. Thank you for blessing me with a patient and hard working husband and a sweet, happy, and healthy baby. I pray you will continue to bless our sweet little family.

6 Month Stats:
Weight- 22lbs 12 oz (99%+Yes, she's off the charts!
She eats normally for a child her age. She's just a little chunky thing.)
Height: 27 inches (85%)

Formula-5 bottles a day 6-8 oz each
Solids-cereal and fruit in the morning, veggie at lunch, and veggie and fruit at dinner
Sippy cup- We just started. The first try was not very successful. However, the second try she did much better. She seems to like water :).

Naps- 2-3 naps ranging 1 hour-2 hours (mostly around an hour)
Nighttime sleep- 10-12 hours :)

*Rolling- tummy to back- still hasn't figured out how to roll from back to tummy. I think it is because she is a bigger baby. :)

*Sitting up- Baby girl is sitting up very well for long extended periods of time

*Hand-to hand coordination- she is passing toys from one hand to the other

*Tooth- Watch out Tooth Fairy, we have our first tooth!

*Crawling- not yet...hopefully soon :)

She's one happy girl!
This is her favorite toy...
Excuse me...I'm trying to jump here.
Our first tooth just popped up recently!
Second try at the sippy cup. It's growing on her!
Practicing tummy time while watching a short clip on youtube. :)

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