Friday, October 26, 2012

Picnic at the Park

This year, Caroline's actual birthday fell on a Thursday. So, since I knew daddy would have to go to work, I tried to plan something special for us girls to do during the day. I decided a little picnic at the park and some play time would be just the perfect way to celebrate Caroline's 1st birthday before her birthday party! I've included lots of pictures below of our time at the park! Enjoy!

This day was filled with lots of moments...

Yummy moments...

Not so sure what's happening moments???

 Sweet moments

Silly moments

Sisterly love moments

Sisterly choking moments

Mad moments

Happy and sad moments

 Crawling moments

Enough is enough with the camera moments

Crazy moments

Excited moments (above and below)

Caroline's serious stare you down moments

My sweet baby's growing up moments

And overall the day was filled with...Lots of FUN moments!

Birthday party update will be up soon! Stay tuned in! :)

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