Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Visit to Grandma's

When Susannah Grace was very young we had the pleasure of taking her to meet both my grandparents. It was such a sweet occasion marked with adoration and love. A few years later my grandpa passed away, not having the chance to meet Caroline. It has been a deep regret of mine. Therefore, I wanted to make sure my grandma had an opportunity to meet her, and see how Susannah Grace has grown. So, we made the trip down to Florida to spend some quality time with her!

First stop, Peach Park, of course!
The girls were excited for a little break!
 And, they were even more excited about the ice cream!
 I have such fond memories of this place growing up!

I'm glad the girls were able to experience it too!
Along the way, we meet up with these family members! Even though the time was short, it sure was special!
 We made it!!
 In addition to grandma, we also got to spend some time with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Angie!
 Caroline was a fan of all the attention!
 I'm so glad we got to visit with them!
 Part of the visit was bittersweet. It was the first time I've spent the night in my grandparents' house since my grandpa passed away. I sure do miss this man. Sometimes, my heart just aches thinking about it.
 This is how I remember him most, laughing and cutting up. He was always up to something!
 The trip sure was worth it. We got to spend some quality time with grandma.
 I hope my girls will always be able to remember our trip.
 Caroline wasn't the biggest fan of my sweet grandma, at first. But, she warmed up eventually!
I'm thankful for these sweet and special memories. 

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