Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving= 9 Months!

Well, baby girl turned 9 months on Thanksgiving day. I just can't believe how time has just passed us by. It seems like just the other day she was this little tiny baby, barely the length of my forearm, with a blank little expression on her face. Now, she has grown into a little mini-me with lots of personality! I've listed some new things she's doing below. We don't go to the doctor for our routine check up until Dec. 9th. So, stats will come later.

11-12 hours a night and two naps during the day

4 bottles a day (3 with meals and one at bedtime)
We've just started introducing some table food and she loves it! Since it was Thanksgiving, she had little bites of chicken and dressing, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole.

No crawling yet...but, we are on the horizon
LOTS of rolling! EVERYWHERE!
Now, she rolls over on her side and stomach to sleep.
She has 4 TEETH! Two on the bottom and two on top!
She says, "Momma and Dadda" lots!
She has started waving! I will post a video soon!
She pulls up onto furniture from my lap and walks with assistance.

Her personality just continues to blossom. She is such a happy little child. However, there are times when she produces a bit of a temper when someone takes a toy away from her, or she doesn't want her diaper or clothes changed on the changing table :). We are managing this spunky side of her personality now so that it doesn't get out of control later! Nevertheless, we love this sweet precious gift from God. We have A LOT to be THANKFUL for! Thank you Jesus!

Thanksgiving Festivity Photos:

First stop: Over the river and through the woods to Meme's and Pop's house we go!
Susannah Grace got to hang out with her cousin, Sydney!
#1 Dad took the girls on a wagon ride!
The girls just hung out and looked at the beautiful fall scenery.
Sweet girl :)

Then, while Meme and Pop were in NC, Nanna and Pawpaw stopped by our house for Thanksgiving lunch. It was my first time to be in charge of Thanksgiving.
I think it turned out pretty well!
Susannah Grace hung out with Daddy and Pawpaw
while Nanna and Mommy got the food squared away!
Here's sweet angel just hanging out with Pawpaw.
Here they are sharing some quality time :)
She also did a little showing off.
She practiced her standing and walking skills!
I sure do LOVE my little turkey!

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