Saturday, December 4, 2010

Far Away Friends!

During our Thanksgiving break two very special people came to visit us...

Katherine and Millie Johnson!

Katherine and I taught 3rd grade together for the past two years. We were pregnant with baby girls at the same time last year. I'm sure these girls heard a lot of talking and giggling going on from the two of us while they were still in their mommies' tummies. We sure are sad they had to move to NC, but we were oh so happy that they came for a visit!

The girls began their meet and greet with a play session!
Then, came some posing for pictures. They were so serious,
which is funny because both of them are usually pretty smiley.
Millie gave Susannah Grace a little, "Hey buddy" pat.
Even when they are super serious, they still sure are CUTE!

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  1. Haha! We loved seeing yall and miss you both!! I hope we can see yall again soon!!!!!!