Sunday, March 13, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

In celebration of Susannah Grace's birthday Trey and I decided to take her to the Georgia Aquarium. We got this wonderful idea from some sweet friends at church. I thought it was such a terrific idea, especially since the weather has been so crazy lately!
Susannah Grace certainly LOVED it!

She was amazed by all of the colorful fish.

She loved watching the Lion Fish with her Daddy.

We walked through a 4 foot tall tunnel and had to take a short break. It was a little difficult to crouch down and help Susannah Grace walk at the same time. We were both tired. So, we stopped in this little nook for a break and photo.
I just LOVED the Sea Turtle! It was amazing to gaze at.
The whales were definitely a sight to see!

These pictures are some of my favorites.
I love seeing their sweet little profiles.
Susannah Grace enjoyed the ride home!
We turned her big girl seat around before we left.
She was able to watch a DVD, which kept her and Mommy and Daddy sane.
Just stretching. :)
Passed out!

All that fun wore her out!

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