Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Time!

Well, it's officially SUMMER, and, boy, does it ever feel like it! Susannah Grace has had a blast playing outdoors these last couple of months. Here are a few things we've been up to:

In mid-March Amy and I loaded up our girls and headed to the zoo!
Susannah Grace and Livi were amazed by this ferocious tiger!
They also really enjoyed gazing at this little guy. Isn't he cute?
Here's mommy and baby studying the new elephant exhibit.
We also appreciated the beauty of these Flamingos!

Water Fun!
Since it's been SO HOT we've tried to cool off by playing with our water table and our pool!
Daddy was squirting her with water!
Running away from Daddy and the hose laughing!
Time out- I need a little break!
Back for more!
Off to another adventure!

The Farmer's Market!
Trey and I have recently really gotten into going to the Farmer's Market (Pepper Place) to buy local produce on Saturday mornings. Susannah Grace seems to enjoy it to, as long as she stays pretty cool and gets to get out and walk a little here and there.

Susannah Grace was really excited when we told her we were going to the farmer's market!
It's definitely a busy place to be on Saturday morning.
Just strolling around looking at the yummy produce...
We got a surprise visit from this little guy on our stroller.
I thought it was pretty cool. I don't think I've ever seen a dragonfly so big.
On our way out of the market. Look at my big girl. She's growing up too fast!

The Park!
We've been to a few parks here and there when it's not 100+ degrees. Here are a few pictures of Susannah Grace playing at the park in Leeds.

Daddy and Susannah Grace heading to the park!
SG pointing at something interesting.
Riding a grasshopper
Peeking at mommy through the tunnel.

We've really enjoyed doing lots of playing these last couple of months!

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