Thursday, June 23, 2011

15 Months!

I'm a little a late on posting this, but I just wanted to take a moment and record this time in my sweet baby's life.

15 Month Stats:
Weight: 28.5 lbs (98% percentile)
Height: 33 inches (98% percentile)
***This is the first time our height and weight have matched up. YAY!***
Head: 17 3/4 inches (60% percentile)

Eating and Sleeping:
3 Meals a day with three servings of milk
1 nap around 12:30 or 1:00 (lasting about 2-3 hours)
Goes to bed around 7:30 and usually wakes up at 8:00 am

This has been taking place for about a month or so now (started around 14 months).

Talking lots
Here are some of the words she is saying:
Momma, Dadda, bye bye- while waving, hey- while waving, boo, wee, yay, uh-oh, ball, duck, dog, book, eyes- while pointing to her or your eyes, nose- while pointing to her or your nose, No- this is not my favorite word, stop- another not so favorite word, all done- while doing sign language, thank you- More like "ank you", please- "ease", this- "is" while pointing to something she wants, read- for read book, light- "igh" while pointing to, off- while pointing to the light switch on the wall, and "nigh nigh" for night night

  • books- She wants me to read to her ALL the time.
  • attention
  • snuggling with mommy
  • eating whatever mommy eats- she's always gotta have a little bit of my food- she's like a little puppy begging for food
  • watching "Yo Gabba Gabba"
  • her luvy
  • dancing
  • water activities
  • being outside
  • walking everywhere
  • pointing
  • strawberries, bananas, kiwi, citrus fruits (limes, lemons, oranges), cheese, chicken fingers, green bean casserole, broccoli and rice, popsicles
  • Having to come inside
  • Being told "no"
  • diaper changes
  • Riding in the car- unless she's watching a DVD
  • Getting in and out of stroller or buggies- mainly after she's been running a few errands
  • Having something taken away from her
  • Spankings- Unfortunately, we do have to pop her little thigh to get her attention sometimes.
Here are some of the ways she has been CRACKING me up lately:
  • She'll stop while walking and just start dancing if she here's music or if she feels the need to wiggle. Sometimes, she also does this when she's eating something yummy :).
  • Nodding her head to music in the car.
  • Smiling- she will squint her eyes, curl her nose, and make a real tight looking smile. This smile is all about "Look at me! I'm cute and I know it!"
  • I've been teaching her how to turn off the light. When she does it, she claps for herself.
  • Her laugh- She cackles! I will have to get it on video so you can see. It is hilarious.
  • In the morning when I go in to get her, she'll sit up in her bed. When I go to pick her up, she'll lay back down really quickly and laugh. This game is fun for her but not so fun for her pregnant mommy.
  • She's at the stage where she wants to give you things and say "ank you." It's really cute.
I sure do LOVE this little girl. She is just so much fun!

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