Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beach + Splash Pad

We've been busy busy busy this summer! Here are a few pictures from our very short visit to the beach to visit my grandmother at Fort Walton Beach Hospital. Unfortunately, she fell and broke her hip :(. We took Susannah Grace down to see her and cheer her up. Susannah Grace LOVED seeing her great grandparents but didn't so much love the beach. I guess that is to be expected since we were only able to spend 5 MINUTES there as it began to rain :(. Oh well, better luck next year.

Waiting on the elevator with Daddy...I don't know what Trey was thinking- goofball!
Not so sure about this sand stuff...
Still not amused.
Signal for: "Help me Mommy!"
The wet sand was no better.

On the other hand...This girl LOVES the splash pad in Gardendale, AL!
Can't you tell?
We've been a couple of times this summer with our sweet friend Lola!
Lola doesn't seem to mind playing in the water, either :).
Susannah Grace walks around like she owns the place.
And, sometimes just can't contain her excitement.
Pure joy!

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