Monday, January 16, 2012

Multitude Monday: 477-492

Since life can be a blur at times with two children under the age of two, I'm going to continue to list what I'm thankful for informally (not day by day- but rather composing my list into a weekly view). I think I'll be able to manage to complete my MM doing it this way for now :). I don't want this to become a monotonous task...but rather one of reflecting and remembrance of what I'm thankful for.

I am thankful for...

477. Meme watching SG Monday and Friday
478. Trey leaving Monday after he helped me get the girls in bed so I wouldn’t have to do it alone
479. My mom’s help Wednesday night while Trey was gone
480. Trey’s safe return from Nashville
481. Trey having the time to look at a few houses on my list while in Nashville for work
482. getting to spend time with friends while grilling out and playing Speed Scrabble- with Sarah and 
483. getting to have an opportunity to catch up with my friend Melisa via phone! It’s hard for us to find    the time since we both have small children.
484. getting to watch Miss America with the Hubs in order to cheer on Courtney Porter, Miss AL!
485. being blessed by watching other contestants save her from being eliminated so she could move on to the next round of competition- I think they knew how important it was with everything that she has 
gone through.
486. Listening to Caroline’s sweet voice while she talked to us lots this week- it’s so sweet and so soft  
(compared to SG’s)
487. SG’s little cute quirks- this week she’s been kissing characters in her books-it comes out of no where and is hilarious!
488. Watching SG try to mimic the dance on “Yo Gabba Gabba”
489. Trey’s help cooking meals- it makes everything run smoothly and he loves it- so why not?
490. Caroline sleeping through the night 9:30-5ish several days this week!
491. Trey’s 30th birthday- I also thankful he was home for it. He has been out of town on his birthday the last couple of years.
492. finding out that several of my Auburn sorority sisters live in Nashville- it's nice to know I'll have company where I live!

Here are a few pictures from our week:

 Birthday boy with the Johnny Ray's pie I bought him!
Blowing out his candles! Make a wish!

 Caroline- holding her keys
 just reading
 Tummy time!
 We got to get out and take a wagon ride!
 SG painting a masterpiece!
 feeding Sissy
 Sweet girl- just waking up from a nap :)
 reading with Daddy

CG thought Mommy was funny!

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