Monday, January 9, 2012

Multitude Monday: 446-476

So, I've gotten a little off course with counting my blessings on Monday. I honestly feel terrible about it. Of course, there are a ton of excuses I could think of...I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old, Caroline still is not sleeping through the night consistently so I have been a tired mommy, the holidays were busy, we've ALL been sick, etc. Nevertheless, I'm most thankful for a forgiving Savior who knows that I'm not perfect and chooses to love me despite of it. In leu of the several weeks that I've missed counting my blessings I have chosen to count my blessings a little informally this Monday. I'm listing all the blessings I've been thankful for these past several weeks, during the holidays. I've also included a few pictures for you to view. Say tuned...I'll be posting a 2-3 month update for Caroline soon!

I am thankful for...

446. The greatest gift of the season...Jesus Christ my savior!
447. Trey getting to spend several days with our family while he was off of work for the holidays.
448. staying within the budget Trey gave me for Christmas.
449. getting to spend time with family during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
450. Seeing Susannah Grace's sweet excitement as she walked into the living room Christmas morning to see all of her toys.
451. Caroline's sweet and content spirit Christmas Eve when she barely got a good nap in because of all of our family's festivities.
452. Caroline sleeping from 9 pm-6 am- Merry Christmas to me!
453. SG mimicking me after we said our prayers by putting her hands together, speaking some gibberish, and  saying "Amen" while smiling at me.
454. The Lord allowing me the ability to breastfeed Caroline for 3 months, thus far...It's not always an easy task and I didn't make it very long with SG.
455. Caroline's sweet personality. She's been cuing and gurgling a lot lately.
456. watching SG pretend to be a "Mommy" to her luvies- she pushes them around in her new stroller all around the house, puts them in Sissy's swing, kisses them, holds them and sings them lullabies,  and sometimes chooses to discipline them by telling them "No, no, no."
457. Listening to SG sing with her sweet voice in the back seat of the car.
458. Caroline's daily routine becoming more consistent.
460. being able to spend time with SG all by herself while doing "school" at home with her
461. finding this awesome website: to help teach SG basic learning fundamentals
462. finding time to have more of a consistent quiet time rereading the book The Purpose Driven Life
463. the girls taking their afternoon naps around the same time.
464. getting an opportunity to go on a date night with the hubby even though he wasn't feeling well
465. SURPRISING TREY for his 30th birthday- His mother and I planned a surprise party with just a few of his closest friends really early to surprise him...and it WORKED! WE GOT HIM! This is probably the last time we'll ever be able to surprise him. He is way to observant.
466. Caroline sleeping 10 pm-5 am two nights in a row!
467. The Lord reminding me how VERY BLESSED I am to have two healthy babies through the sorrow of another families loss.
468. finding out we are moving to Nashville instead of Atlanta this upcoming year
469. having time to clean out and de-clutter most of our house so that I can start deep cleaning. We're going to put our house up on the market this month.
470. medicine for yucky illnesses. During this holiday season, Trey has had a staph infection and walking pneumonia. SG has had a sinus infection, and I think she caught what Trey had. Caroline has had a cold that has made her nose run and eyes water. I caught what Trey had. So, we're all thankful for good medicine (except for Caroline- she can't take anything just yet but she is getting better).
471. how this website: ministers to me often
472. getting a new grill for Christmas so that Trey and I could enjoy more delicious meals at home.
473. a husband who enjoys cooking
474. Trey's thoughtfulness in getting  me an iphone for Christmas so that I could take more pictures and videos of my girls
475. Nana watching the girls while I had some alone time just to myself- I got to go shopping and drive around in the car solo!!!
476. a new year filled with the hope of growth and many blessings to come

SG got to decorate her very own Christmas tree (awesome pinterest find). My friend, Melisa, made one for her children. I could tell they loved it! So, naturally, I made one for SG too because it looked like so much fun!
 She had a ball decorating it.
 Meme's Little People nativity
 Meme trying to read the girls the Christmas story while they opened presents on Christmas Eve!
 The girls opening their Barbies
 I got a sweet smile from Sydney :)
 Uncle Phillip loved on Caroline.
 Meme got SG a beautiful kitchen- made by Kidkraft
 I think they enjoyed it!
 Sydney got a playhouse!
 Sweet loving with Meme
 Christmas morning SG woke up to see what Ho Ho brought her!
 Please excuse my face on this one...I like SG's expression
 SG trying out her new chair!
 She LOVES this stroller...
  her Dora cup...
 and Dora bubble bath, of course!
 She couldn't quite figure out how to open the candy cane.
 This is a picture of the girls on Christmas day! It cracks me up! Caroline looks wide-eyed!

Nana got to snuggle with this love bug....
and so did Pawpaw!
 During the holidays, we also got to see our cousins Edna (SG is a mess in this picture)

and Elizabeth!

Our Christmas season was filled with LOTS of joy and blessings!

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  1. GIRL- Big news- Nashville instead of Atlanta! I must admit that i think that is a much better city...did I just admit that? Everyone that moves to Nashville loves it! I am with you on not getting sleep at night and being sick- we don't get to dwell on it too much as we have to take care of everyone! Let's chat soon- I am actually flying to bham this weekend for my best friends mom's funeral. Will call you while I am in limbo at the airport! Trying not to sink right now- thanks for posting your blessings so I had something to encourage and enjoy during my five minutes of both kids napping! Love you!