Monday, December 12, 2011

Multitude Monday: 415-445

I am thankful for...

415. Meme keeping SG
416. Having time to do some Christmas shopping with only one child 
417. Caroline snoozing while I shopped around
418. Checking a few more gifts off my list
Sweet Caroline- 2 months old

419.  Meme taking the time to meet me and help me at the dr. office for Caroline’s 2 month check up 
         (Trey was out of town)
420. Caroline’s healthy report at the doctor’s office
421. Tylenol for a sad baby after shots
422. Nana and Pawpaw letting us visit them for dinner
423. Getting the girls to bed by myself


424. getting to hang out with Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt
425. making a yummy gingerbread house with SG while Caroline napped
426. Caroline sleeping from 9:30 until 6:30 (9 hours)!!!
 Momma's little helper!
I think she did more finger licking than "helping"
427. Trey’s safe return home
428. White chicken chili for dinner- YUM!

It sure was yummy!
429. Getting to go shopping with Meme for Caroline’s Christmas (clothes)
430. SG good behavior as we went from store to store
431. SG taking a nap after our shopping trip
432. Caroline snoozing while we shopped
433. Trey grilling out for his girls
 Daddy had the girls in place so they could see the parade!

434. hanging out with our family
435. getting to spend quality time with Trey while both girls napped
436. getting to take SG to the Moody Christmas Parade- I loved watching her little expressions and 437. seeing her wave and say “Hey” as each portion of the parade passed by.
438. Going out to eat with our family
Watching the parade with Mommy!

439. Caroline sleeping well last night- 10:30-5:30 J (7 hours)
440. getting both girls ready by myself (Trey had to go out of town for work again), and making it to 441. church for the first time since Caroline has been born
442. being blessed by our wonderful church choir’s voices
443. SG’s sweet excitement to see her grandparents and me as we picked her up after church
444. Caroline’s easy going spirit during the Christmas musical at our church
445. Both girls taking a good nap at the SAME time J
 She wasn't sure what to think at first, but she quickly warmed up to the idea when they through candy!
It was a fun experience! 

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