Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities:

We spent Thanksgiving day with Meme and Poppy!

 SG with Meme. Look at that face. She was in an interesting mood that night.
 SG LOVES her Meme and Poppy and is sooo thankful for them!
 I finally caught a little smile!
 She just had to try on Meme's shoes!
 All our girls. Sydney's face really cracks me up in this one!
 It looks like Sydney and Caroline are chatting it up while SG is in her own world!
 Pretty girl!
 This was the only giggle I got from her during our little photo shoot.
 This is the face I saw most of the time. So serious.
 sweet girl

Friday, my parents came over and brought us some yummy barbeque for lunch!

 Caroline with Nana and Pawpaw

 Nana and Pawpaw with both girls!
 SG decided to smile so Caroline decided to frown. Ha!

We also got to hang out with some special friends during the holidays, Livi and Weston!

 Three little monkeys jumping on the bed!

 Now, there's only one little monkey still jumping. Can you tell who it is?

 Serious moment...they all paused for a picture

 Livi had to take an important phone call while she was here :).

 Sweet children

 I think the little expression between Weston and SG is cute!

And they're off...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! 
To God be to the Glory for all these wonderful times and blessings!

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