Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitude Monday: 351-368

I am thankful for...

351. Meme keeping SG
352. having time to go shopping with just one child
353. spending $94 and saving $72 at Belk on several outfits for Caroline- her season of clothing is completely different from SG so she didn't have hardly any 3m and beyond clothing

354. getting to have the impression of Caroline’s hands and feet doe today with Meme
355. going to the park and to lunch with Meme

356. having a little down time with Trey while the girls were sleeping to watch a few of our favorite shows on the DVR

357. Caroline's content spirit in the sling while SG and I bundled up and played outside- she just slept the whole time because she was so snuggly and warm
358. finding SG sitting in her room quietly reading a book after she had been a little “too quiet” while I was cleaning up a few things around the house

359. going to A Play Place with Amy, Livi, and Anna Kayt
360. listening to SG say her “name” –“Zannah Grace”
361. organizing the items with Trey we were planning on selling in the garage sale- Our neighborhood had a neighborhood-wide garage sale

362. having a last minute yard sale and making a little extra money
363. date night with the hubs- we went to dinner and a movie while Meme watched the girls for a few hours
364. Trey letting me get some make up at the new Mac at Belk on our date- I was completely out

365. getting to take SG to the park while Trey watched CG while she was napping
366. SG’s little hand grabbing mine while leading me around the park
367. SG’s consistent naps this week- Praise the Lord
368. having a chance to take a nap while both girls napped

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