Monday, November 28, 2011

Multitude Monday: 392-414

392. my dad’s 60th birthday
393. surviving a long day with the girls- Trey had to work late
394. cooking dinner while watching both girls by myself

395. a good report at the eye specialist for the small cataract in C’s eye- it turns out it’s just a beauty 396. mark in her eye. The doctor said it won’t affect her vision at all. Praise the Lord!
397. Trey taking off work to go with me to the eye specialist

398. the aroma of Thanksgiving in our house as I cooked desserts for the next day
399. finding delicious recipes on
400. having time to make Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars while the girls took a nap

401. having time to make a pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving festivities today
402. Meme taking the time to cook a delicious dinner for us
403. Meme and Poppy bringing dinner over to our house to make everything convenient for our family of four

404. getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents
405. Nana and Pawpaw bringing us lunch
406. shopping for Black Friday deals online- my parents helped us out so we could get a new washer 
        and dryer! I also ordered a few things for SG!

407. getting to spend time with Melisa and Lauren and all our kids at the park!
408. a lazy day at the house
409. getting to take a good nap
410. leftovers- yum!

411. a long weekend to spend time with our family
412. Nana’s and Trey’s help so I could hang out with friends
413. going to dinner with Melisa, Lauren, and Cynthia.
414. the Lord’s providence this month- this is the second month on our new budget and we are doing 
        well. God is so good!

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