Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Month

Weight: 10 lbs (75%)
Height: 22 inches (90%)
Head: 14 1/2 inches

Caroline turned one month November 4th! I can't believe this sweet little baby is already a month. Where has the time gone? It's hard to believe I've been sleep deprived this long! Ha! But, hey, she has had two nights where she's slept 6 hours. Woohoooo, what a blessing for a tired momma. It has not become consistent, though. I sure can't wait for that day. SG and C definitely keep us on our toes. SG has been a terrific big sister so far. She has really surprised me, not that I thought she would be a bad big sister. I just thought she would be a little more jealous. She has definitely had her moments, but they have been fewer than I anticipated. SG is super sweet to C. She pat, pat, pats the baby and gives her kisses lots. Sometimes, she just gets a little clingy with me and wants her momma to "hold you, hold you." The first two weeks were pretty easy. C was mostly sleepy and content. However, she is definitely becoming more awake. She has a few long spurts during the day where she just has a hard time getting to sleep. In addition, she is more of a hold me baby than SG was. Although, I do remember that SG had some spurts at this stage where she also wanted to be held all the time and eventually that deminished. I think with the second child you don't mind it as much because you know, based on the first, there will come a day when they don't want to be held as much :(. Needless to say, we are enjoying Caroline's addition to our family. We love her so much already! I've posted a few pictures below! Enjoy!

Eating: 2 1/2-3 hours (mostly every 3 hours)
I mostly breastfeed her but she has had a few bottles of breast milk too.

Napping: She has a really long spurt in the morning where she is awake and has a hard time getting to sleep. After about noon her naps start getting easier and longer.

Sleeping at night:
3-6 hours- She mostly wakes up around the 3-4 hour mark
I have been holding her a little at night because she has been a little congested- a bad habit I need to go ahead and break

She's become more awake.
She has smiled a few times (once at 3 weeks and again at 5 weeks).
We are working on tummy time- she doesn't love it but needs it.

snuggling with mommy and daddy
hanging out in the sling while SG and mommy play
being warm

having her diaper or clothes changed
being cold
noise- This is funny because her sister is ALWAYS LOUD!

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