Monday, November 7, 2011

Multitude Monday: 320-350

320. Meme watching SG
321. Having time to make SG’s costume over the weekend
322. Fellowship and fun with the Webbs
323. watching SG’s joy as she went from house to house trick or treating

This photo cracks me up!
324. a restful night- Caroline slept 6 hours- Woohoo!
325. Getting to spend time shopping with dear friends at market
326. Nana watching SG today
327. Finding the girls a few outfits at good deals
328. A safe return home

Caroline's waving "Hey"!
329. Meme’s birthday- We love you and are so thankful for EVERYTHING you do for us!
330. SG’s sweet little voice saying “Happy Birthday” (or something to that extent) to her Meme on the phone

331. having a chance to talk to a dear friend and receive some encouragement
332. Meme keeping SG tonight while Trey and I enjoyed some down time
334. getting to catch up watching a few of our favorite shows on DVR
335. a yummy meal provided by the Duckworths
336. getting to go to bed early

just hanging out
337. a healthy report at Caroline’s 1 month check up
338. Trey taking time to go with me to her appointment before he had to go out of town on business
339. SG taking a nap at Meme’s- She has been going through a phase for the past two weeks where her 340. nap has been hit or miss which is not like her
341. Nana coming to spend the night and helping with SG and Caroline

SG's messy face enjoying an M&M

342. Nana’s help helping me take the girls to the store to get some groceries
343. SG taking a nap
344. getting to rest while both girls take a nap
345. Nana’s help getting the girls ready for bed
346. Trey’s safe travel back home

SG's new do- a ponytail

347. having time to do a little shopping as a family
348. SG’s long nap
349. Getting to read the first chapter of One Thousand Gifts
350. a good night’s rest

playing in the "weaves"

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