Monday, November 21, 2011

Multitude Monday: 369-391

369. Meme keeping SG during the day
370. Getting to run a few errands with Caroline
371. Nana’s help at night while Daddy was out of town

372. surviving an entire day and night by myself with the girls

373. the Lord providing safety during bad weather
374. Trey’s safe and early arrival home- he surprised me by taking an earlier flight home
375. Nana bringing over dinner and helping out with the girls

376. Trey’s help giving SG breakfast while I fed Caroline- everything always seems better when he’s home
377. SG’s prissy little walk- it is so cute and funny to watch her body move with such sass
378. SG talking to Sissy saying, “Hey baby” while putting a blanket on her
379. Getting to eat Mexican with the fam
380. Trey waking up and talking to me during the night while I fed C
381. C sleeping 6 hours

382. Meme keeping SG today
383. My eye dr.’s patience with me and c at my appt.
384. Having time to plan a grocery list and get my coupons together for the store
385. Spending $90 and saving $46 at Publix! Spending $26 and saving $23 at Winn Dixie!
386. Trey’s help with the girls at the store- It’s a two man job these days
387. C sleeping 7 hours!

388. Trey fixing our family breakfast this morning
389. A husband who prays with me for our family

390. getting to catch up on some of our favorite shows and getting to watch Captain America together
391. having time to play with SG while C napped

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