Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disney: SG's 1st Trip!

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to take Susannah Grace to Disney World this summer! It was just magical. She absolutely LOVED it and continues to talk about this special trip with just the three of us. I can't wait until both girls are old enough to go back!

I was really worried about the plane ride over, being that it was SG's first and I didn't know how she would respond. However, I'm happy to say she was FANTASTIC and she enjoyed the ride!

We wasted away the flight with a little Tinkerbell!

As soon as we got off the airplane, it wasn't very long until we saw a big Mickey statue! SG immediately got excited!

Then, we took the Magical Express to the Art of Animation Resort!

Daddy got us all checked in...

While SG and I enjoyed viewing all of the artwork!

She was just giddy seeing everything and we hadn't even made it to the castle yet!

On our way to our room, we passed the fabulous Finding Nemo pool!

Since Ariel is her favorite princess she was THRILLED about our room!

She even tried to hug the shower curtain!

After we unpacked a little we headed over to Downtown Disney for a little shopping!

SG loved trying on the animated princess dress in the magic mirror!

We actually stumbled upon the Bippity Boppity Boo Shop while shopping and had to make an appointment!

Luckily, they were able to work us in!

SG was excited by not so sure about someone doing her hair.

But, soon enough, they added a tiny tiara to her hair and that made it all worth it!

Pretty pretty princess!

Of course, she found a few other things to try on!

We went back to our room and got plenty of rest for the next morning at the Magic Kingdom!

SG was excited to wear the Minnie Mouse shirt I made her!

First stop, we went to see her friend Tink!

I was immediately impressed with the kindness that Tinkerbell and all the other character we met displayed during out time!

Of course, Ariel is her FAVORITE! She was simply stunned to meet her!

We also did some carousel riding....

And, some 3D movie watching while we were there!

We also got to meet Minnie Mouse!

She really loved her! And, now she sleeps with a minnie mouse stuffed animal every night!

Meeting Cinderella was a magical moment!

She was just memorized. 

Then we met Aurora,


Mickey Mouse,

and Merida!

Day 2 started bright and early!

 Sweet smiles while waiting for the MK to open

 Still waiting :)

We made our way in and eventually did a little wardrobe change for our grande appointment at Cinderella's Royal Table for lunch!

 While waiting for our appointment, we met up with this little guy. Who just so happens to be one of my BFF's from college son! Little B was really excited to enjoy a day with his daddy at the MK too!

 They were sweet together!

 After we said our goodbyes to B we went into the Castle!

We got to see all of the princesses! Ariel was there!

We love her!

 And, Snow White was there too!

We took the rest of day 2 slow and just toured MK and found a few important landmarks.

At the end of our time, we had to take just one family photo opp. SG was pretty pooped at that point!

However, on the bus ride we had few more fun pics!

 Of course, the next morning we said our goodbyes! It sure was a wonderful trip! We can't wait to go back and take...

 This little mouseketeer! We hate she didn't get to tag along this time. It would have been a little too much for her being 20 mo. However, I know she'll be ready soon!

Until then, we'll just wear the minne mouse ears!

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