Friday, October 4, 2013

Caroline is 2

1. Favorite Color: Pink
2. Favorite Toy(s): Baby Dolls and small toys she can carry around in her hands (they are always full)
3. Favorite Fruit: Do raisins count?
4. Favorite TV Show: DORA
5. Favorite thing to eat for Lunch or Dinner: Cheese dip and chips
6. Favorite Outfit: Her Ladybug Baxter & Beatrice outfit
7. Favorite Game: Peek-a-boo
8. Favorite Snack: Raisins or cheese puffs
9. Favorite Animal: Elephant
10. Favorite Song: "Let It Go"
11. Favorite Book: Minnie Mouse book
12. Best Friend: Lila Byers
13. Favorite Breakfast food: cereal bar
14. Favorite Thing to do outside: Swing or play with her car
15. Favorite Drink: water
16. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
17. Favorite thing to sleep with: Her luvy
18. Favorite Dessert: cookie
19. Favorite person you would like to meet: Elsa
20. Favorite thing to do when she grows up:  Boss others around (Wait she already does that- bahaha)

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