Monday, March 12, 2012

2 Years Old, Already!

Have 2 years come and gone already? How bittersweet it feels to look down at my little girl and see that she is growing rapidly in so many ways right before my very eyes. I am so thankful for her little life and all the joy it has brought and continues to bring to Trey and me as her parents. Below, I've included some pictures of my big girl along with some details I want to remember about this special time in her life:

 My sweet girl!
 Oh, how I love her!
 There are so many sweet moments and I love being apart of them!

 SG and I have been doing "school" while Caroline naps during the morning. We've been learning our ABC's and doing lots of arts and crafts!
 She loves reading, especially with someone special, like daddy!

 She's becoming more of a little helper! Mommy likes that!
 I can't wait to see their love for each other grow over the years and they get a little older!

Our cup sure does run over with our love for this little girl and all she brings to our life!
W: 31 lbs 13 oz (93%)
H: 35 inches long (83%)

Eating and Sleeping:
12 oz milk a day with three meals + water (SG is an extremely thirsty child)
Sleeping 11-12 hours + one 2-3 hour nap
We've had a hard time with naps with this growing girl- Sometimes she takes them, and sometimes she doesn't- either way, she has 2 hours of rest time, at least, a day where she is in her crib whether she takes a nap or not

*I've lost count of the amount of words she can say because they are too numerous to count- She talks A LOT and loves to imitate what we or others say...Needless to say, we've had to be more careful about what we say around this little word sponge 
*She says two and three word combinations such as: "Hi ______, bye _______, all done, hold you, whoa   birds (or something that she sees that excites her), we did it ( heard on Dora), no, no, no mommy (not my favorite), etc. 
*She can count to five if you say count my fingers
* She can recognize and say some of her ABC's
* She shows signs of readiness for potty training, but I'm waiting until we move to do this because I don't want her to regress with all the change that will take place
*Gross motor: she, jump, climb stairs (up and down), and climb up on chairs and our couch

*Mommy- Yes, I'm a favorite right now. She loves her mommy. When I think of this little stage she is in the song..."Kid Sister, kid sister, wherever I go she's gonna go...Kid Sister, kid sister, kid sister and me" comes in my mind because SG is my little buddy right now. She loves doing everything mommy is doing. It's sweet...but it can get a little exhausting at times. However, I'm glad she loves me like she does because it does melt my heart!
*Being OUTSIDE- SG would live outside if I let her, that's how much she loves it!
*BUBBLES- This kid LOVES bubbles and wants to blow them every time we go outside
*Jumping- she loves to jump on her bed- Little monkey!
*Swinging- I think we have a dare devil on our hands because she loves swinging extra high!
*Cookies and candy- We give her SOME sweets and try to make sure it's a limited amount
*Hearing a song at bed time- After we've read a story, had a little milk, and said our prayers, I usually sing "Sanctuary" and "I Love You Lord" to SG. I didn't really think she paid me much attention until, one night, Trey tucked her in and she said "song, song" to her daddy. I'm glad I get to share this special part of her bedtime routine with her most nights and I'm thankful she looks forward to it, also.
*Digging in the dirt- Now, this girl is a PRISS POT, but that doesn't mean she minds getting dirty. She loves playing in the dirt, that's for sure!
*Watching Dora, Elmo, and Yo Gabba Gabba are her favorites!
*Making us say "1, 2, 3....Go!" She loves running right after we say this!
*Bath time- She loves taking a bath with her Sissy!
*Eating fruit (especially grapes). She does like some veggies but they are a hit or miss (mainly peas and green beans)

*Getting a spanking or being put in time out- but, we've gotta teach this little girl it's not okay to disobey or act like a drama queen at times :)
*Coming inside from playing
*Mommy and Daddy saying "No" when she wants to do something....especially, when it comes to watching Elmo on T.V.

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