Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Months!

Caroline's little life has seemed like a whirlwind. It has definitely flown by way faster that SG's, or so it seems that way. I LOVE this age. We're beginning to really she her little personality blossom and it is so FUN! I'm so thankful this little angel is in our lives!

Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz (95%)
Height: 27 1/4 inches (98%)
***What can I say I make BIG HEALTHY babies! :)

I've been working on my sitting up skills....but I'm still pretty shaky!
 Mommy has to watch me really closely so I don't topple over when I'm sitting up!
 I'm a pretty curious thing. I LOVE seeing what's going on and where all that noise is coming from! 
 I can't get enough of my hands! Mommy thinks I'm teething because I've been drooling quite a bit!
 Hey there!
 I can be a sweet little angel that's for sure- but I do have my moments where I let my mommy and daddy have it if I'm not happy!
 I really like investing my hands and playing with my TOES. They keep me entertained!
Overall, I'm a pretty happy baby!

Mostly 5 bottles a day every 3-4 hours starting at 7ish AM
Baby food: twice a day (about an oz per time)
She's only had rice and oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, and green beans so far
***Poor baby has been constipated because of solids :(. So, we started giving her Karo syrup (1 tsp per 4 oz in bottle) and prune juice (1-2 oz a day in bottle). It didn't do much good so I've had to give her enemas (1/2 Pedia Lax suppository) and 1/4 cap full Miralax +2 oz water to help relieve her constipation. She HATES drinking the water/Miralax so we are going to try to give her a little Milk of Magnesia (1 tsp. mixed in with baby food). We'll see if that works! I know that maybe TMI but I'm recording this down for future babies (SEVERAL years from now) we have just in case they are ever constipated :).

We've been putting her down around 7ish and she sleeps 11-12 hours now :). YAY!
Naps: 3-4 (Lasting 45 min.-3 hours) She usually has two short naps (45 minutes-1 hour) and one long nap (2-3 hours) each day

*Lots of smiling, laughing, cooing, and gurgling...She's also making this crazy grunting noise right now that is hilarious! I love watching her smile because she holds her mouth open like a little bird when she does it. Her little cackle is also funny. She mainly laughs when I hide behind her feet and then open them quickly while saying "Boo!"
*Rolled from tummy to back (like twice maybe) and hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet
*Grabs her little toes! It's so darn cute!
*She also is very good at grabbing and playing with toys that are in her sight and reach
*Can hold a mini push up while laying on tummy
*She's practicing her sitting up skills and getting stronger and stronger! I think she'll be sitting up in the next few weeks for longer periods of time!

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