Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012

  We started the season off right by putting up our tree. This year, Susannah Grace was actually able to help me decorate the tree! I made her "hot chocolate" (warm chocolate milk) and we listened to Christmas music while we placed the ornaments on our tree!

We also got to go to a local Christmas "harade" *parade*! It was so much fun to watch SG's little eyes light up as she saw "fosty the snowman." She also really enjoyed the cotton candy!

Another exciting holiday event that SG got to partake in was our neighbors Grinch party!

She got to listen to the story of The Grinch and eat yummy snacks! The only part she was not so fond of was "Santa's" grande entrance. She totally freaked out! So, needless to say, we didn't pay him a visit for a photo this year because of her reaction.

One of SG's favorite things to do was drive around and look at Christmas "wights!" I so enjoyed sharing this tradition with her, as it was one of my favorite things to do during Christmas as a child also. 

My little Christmas elf sure enjoyed all the festivities too!

 SG enjoyed getting crafty and reading books about baby Jesus too!

This is what Santa brought the girls! We had to have a VERY LONG conversation with SG to assure her that Santa would only be dropping the presents off while she was sleeping and would then return back to the North Pole. She DID NOT want to see him at all!

Christmas day came soon enough, and this little girl was very excited!

Well...most of the time! Ha!

SG LOVED her bike!

She was also REALLY excited to open her others gifts!

Happy Girl!

Cutie Pie!

She was so happy she had to wiggle and dance!

Love this baby!

She wanted to play with everything SG wanted to play with! Little stinker!

She also LOVED the Little Tikes Activity Garden Center we got her!

Can't you tell?!

 Meme and Poppy came to visit us!

My parents also came to visit the weekend before! However, I failed to capture any pictures. Sorry! I will do a better job of getting pictures with Nana and Pawpaw next time!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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