Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Pinterest!"

To say that I LOVE decorating, at any time of the year, is an understatement. However, at Christmas it is definitely heightened! I absolutely LOVE decorating for CHRISTMAS! So, since we moved, this year, I wanted to add a few new decorations to my new home! The only thing is I didn't have a very large budget. So, I had to be smart about it. That's where Pinterest came in to play. I would say Pinterest is like crack to me! I just can't get enough! I love all the DIY projects you can find, as well as photos that help inspire you to create a warm and beautiful home environment. Here are a few projects I tackled this holiday season, along with pictures of the pinterest photos that inspired them!

Glitter Letter Stocking Monogram
 Pinterest Inspiration:

My New Stockings:

I used a tutorial off of pinterest that can be found here to make the glitter letters!

I loved how they turned out!

Pinterest Mantle Inspiration:

My Completed Project:

I got the frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off the original price!

I used a fresh boxwood wreath from Whole Foods because the preserved kind were a little out of my price range this year. 

Pinterest Mini Wreath Inspiration:

My Mini Wreaths:

I used $0.99 embroidery hoops and painted them green. Then, I went out in my backyard and clipped fresh greenery for the wreaths. Floral wire was used to apply the greenery to the hoop. 

I just love little details like this!

So cute!

Here are a few more pictures of our home this year during Christmas:

Our Christmas tree!

My pretty table scape!

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